10 Tips For A Successful Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationship

There are many times throughout a relationship that you can find yourself in a long distance relationship. It may be necessary for you or your partner to work away from home for a good portion of time; maybe your partner is a part of the military which can require time abroad, or you have a job that requires fly in and fly out. While situations like this may seem quite tricky, it can also be quite successful if you have a good plan and a healthy relationship with your partner.


With the proper tools and tips, that season of your relationship can be just as successful as any other time. Here are ten tips for making your long-distant relationship work.


Involve each other in day-to-day events

The biggest challenge in any long-distance relationship is that you don’t get to see each other very often. This can especially be a problem if your partner does things without you whilst away, like spending time with friends or enjoying leisurely activities without you. Instead of getting jealous, try to involve yourself in their day-to-day events. Ask them how their day was, what they did, who they talked to, and really try to feel like you’re a part of their lives even though you’re not physically there.


You can even involve your partner in events by face timing them or texting them about your day. This way, you feel like they’re along for the ride but are also still getting a chance to enjoy your time apart. Sending them photos can be fun, so even though they weren’t there physically, it still feels like they were there in spirit.


Communicate Daily When Possible

While it’s important to try and include yourself as much as possible in your partner’s life when you’re long-distance, it is also essential that you communicate daily. This means that even though you might not be able to physically be there with them, at least make sure that they know what they’re missing by making a call or sending a text each day.


This is also a great way to stay up to date on each other’s lives and events that might be coming up in the future. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to each day as you’ll know that you’ll get to talk to your partner, even if it’s just for a little while.


For example, when you wake up in the morning, you can send your partner a good morning text letting them know that you’re thinking of them. Throughout the day, you might want to check up or see how their day is going. Then, when you go to bed at night, you can call them and say goodnight. These small moments will help to keep the spark alive in your relationship even though you’re not physically together.


Plan Something Special When They Come Home

Another great way to make your long-distance relationship work is by planning something special when they come home. This can be anything from a weekend getaway to an intimate night out at a restaurant. The important thing is that you make an effort to spend quality time together when they are able to come and visit.


This is also keep the romance alive in your relationship. By planning something special, it shows that you’re still thinking about them even when they’re not around. Plus, it gives you both something to look forward to in the future, which can help to keep the relationship strong. So instead of giving them a long to-do list of things that needs to be done around the house, spend some time enjoying the fact that you’re both together again.


Keep The Kids Connected

If there are kids involved in your relationship, it is especially important that you make an effort to stay connected. Kids thrive on routine and consistency, which can be challenging if one of the parents isn’t around all the time. By checking in with them daily, even by phone or video chat, it allows the partner who is away from home to feel connected with the kids and involved in their lives even though they might not be physically there.


Get Help If You’re The One With The Kids

If you’re a parent who is not away from home, then it’s crucial to get help if you need it. This might mean hiring a babysitter or nanny to help out when you’re working or if you need a night off. It can also mean asking family or friends to pitch in and help out with the kids. The important thing is that you make sure that you have the right kind of support so that you can manage well whilst your partner is away.


This is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about helping out around the home, and taking on more responsibilities to make sure that everything functions well.


Set Reasonable Goals For How Long You Can Do Long-Distance

It’s important to remember that not everyone can do long-distance for an extended period of time. So before you embark on this journey, make realistic goals about how long you can go without seeing each other or the potential end date for the job that is keeping you apart from each other.


For example, if you’re staying near family in a job that you love and your partner is in the military, then you might agree to do long-distance for 6-12 months, then you’ll make the move to be with your partner.


Another example might be if you’re dating someone who lives in another state but is planning on moving closer to you within a year. In this case, you might agree to do long-distance for that year while they’re getting things sorted for the move.


Set Boundaries

Don’t be afraid to set rules and boundaries when it comes to your long-distance relationship. It’s essential that you both agree on things like how often you’ll call or video chat, how you will budget and spend money, and even how much time you’ll spend together when you’re both in the same place.


By setting these boundaries, it can help to prevent any misunderstandings or hurt feelings down the road. Plus, it gives you both a chance to focus on other aspects of your life without feeling like you’re neglecting your relationship.


Share Your Accomplishments

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, keeping the other person up to date on your accomplishments can be difficult. It may not seem like there’s time for chatting about your day or what you did at work when you’re busy with your own responsibilities. But this is important because it gives them an opportunity to feel included in your life even when they’re not around.


So, if you had a big meeting at work or got promoted, make sure to share those milestones with them even though you might be swamped with work. This can help to keep the relationship strong and remind your partner that you care about them enough to take the time out of your day for them.


Get Creative With Virtual Dates

One of my favourite tips for long distant relationships is to keep things interesting by doing virtual “dates” when you’re both in different places. For example, if your partner is away for a period of time, make a plan to have a virtual dinner together. You can cook something and then use FaceTime or Skype to connect with each other even if you’re not in the same room.


Another idea might be to have a movie night where you watch the same movie but in two separate places. You can even make it more fun by dressing up for the occasion or making popcorn to eat while you watch.


Be Honest About Your Feelings

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can be easy to feel like you can’t be honest about your feelings. Maybe you don’t want to burden your partner with your problems, you might be worried that they’ll think you’re not coping well. But it’s important to communicate openly and honestly with each other about how you’re feeling.


This doesn’t mean that you have to tell them every little thing that’s going on in your life, but it does mean being open about your emotions. For example, if you’re feeling lonely, sad, or frustrated, let them know. This way, they can offer support and understanding.



By using these tips for long distant relationships, you can ensure that your relationship is just as successful as any other relationship. Just remember to communicate, involve each other in your day-to-day lives, and keep the romance alive by planning something extraordinary when they come home.


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