5 Reasons Why Valuing Difficult Seasons in Marriage is Important

valuing difficult seasons

Remember that feeling when you first met your spouse and fell head over heels in love? You couldn’t get enough of each other. Every moment was special. Unfortunately, as time goes on, that feeling often fades. The everyday grind of work, taking care of the house and kids, and paying bills can make it easy to take your spouse for granted and let the romance dwindle.

You will go through rough patches in your marriage, it’s inevitable that you will have arguments, frustrations, and boredom at times. But it’s important to remember that these difficult moments can strengthen your marriage. They test your commitment to each other and force you to communicate and work together.

In this post, we will discuss why looking back and valuing the difficult seasons in your marriage is so important. We’ll also offer tips on how to do this in your relationship.

Why Looking Back and Valuing the Difficult Seasons in Your Marriage is So Important

It’s easy to only focus on the negative when things are tough in your marriage. But it’s important to remember that these difficult times can make your relationship stronger. Here’s why:

1. Difficult seasons force you to communicate and work together

When you’re going through a tough time, you have to communicate with each other more often and more openly. It can be difficult, but it’s necessary if you want to get through the tough times together. You’ll also need to learn to compromise and work together to find solutions. This can be a difficult skill to learn, but it’s crucial for a healthy marriage.

The first year of your marriage will probably be one of the hardest. You will learn how to communicate with each other and compromise. It’s important to remember that this is normal and that it will get easier with time.

2. Difficult seasons make you appreciate the good times more

You will value the good times more when you’ve been through tough times together. The happiness and love will feel sweeter after you’ve fought for your relationship. These difficult seasons can also make you more grateful for your spouse and marriage.

When you’re on the other side of a tough time, take a moment to reflect on what you have endured. What did you learn? How did you grow? How has your relationship changed? These reflections will help you appreciate your relationship even more.

Even the small things, like having breakfast together in the morning or laughing at a silly joke, can mean so much when you have shared these tough times together.

3. Difficult seasons remind you why you got married in the first place

There’s a great quote by Gary Thomas  that says, “A good marriage is not something you find, it’s something you make.” This is so true. Marriage is hard work. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.

During a difficult season, it can be easy to forget why you got married in the first place. But if you take a step back and remember why you fell in love with your spouse it can help you get through the tough times.

It’s essential to keep the flame alive in your marriage, even when things are tough. Date nights, flowers, compliments, and random acts of kindness will go a long way in keeping your relationship strong.

4. Difficult seasons teach you patience and perseverance

Patience and perseverance are two essential qualities in any relationship. You will need both of these qualities to get through the difficult seasons in your marriage.

Patience is important because it takes time to work through problems. Sometimes you feel like you’re not making any progress, but if you have patience, you’ll get through it.

Perseverance is essential because it seems easier to give up when things are tough. But if you persevere, you’ll find that the tough times don’t last forever.

You need both patience and perseverance to weather the storms in your marriage.

5. Difficult seasons make you stronger

Imagine a house built on a rock. What happens when a storm comes? The house doesn’t budge. Now imagine a home built on sand. What happens when a storm comes? The house crumbles.

The same is true in your marriage. Marriages that weather the storms and come out stronger are the ones that are built on a foundation of love, communication, and trust. These marriages have gone through tough times and become stronger because of it.

Talk It Out

Talk to your spouse, and look back at those challenging times. What strategies did you use to get through it? What could you have done differently? Use these insights to help you weather the next storm.

Make sure that both of you learn from your mistakes so that you can avoid them in the future.


No marriage is perfect, but your marriage can be stronger even after hard times. Remember these five things the next time you’re in a difficult season. They will help you get through it and be stronger on the other side.

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions or would like to share your tips, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you! And for more information on how to strengthen your marriage, get our Marriage Playbook. It contains a daily game plan for making your marriage the best it can be.

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