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Includes 10 modules with videos and a comprehensive 76 page session guide ebook with activities for you and your partner to put into action.

Discover new ways to connect with your partner, be more sexually satisfied, and feel closer than ever before.

Is Romance Fading?

Rekindle A Love That Lasts

Have a stronger and happier relationship with a deeper understanding of each other's thoughts, needs, and feelings.

Fill each moment full of love.

Kind Words

“Rick and Fi literally saved our marriage which has never been the same since meeting them and doing their courses. Our marriage was cold, passionless and with very little intimate connection.

With Rick and Fi’s help in going through their program and ongoing support, we have renewed our passion and fallen in love again.

We are now a lot more connected, have more fun and are really enjoying each other’s company – and are loving our new date nights, weekend getaways or just long walks together dreaming and talking about life. Forever grateful. ”

Making A Relationship Work Is Not Easy. We get It.

Taking the first step to work on your relationship is a brave and smart decision. You've already spent time, effort, and emotions on it, and seeing all of these go out the window would be a waste. Keeping a relationship is tough, but giving up is not the solution.


Keys For A Passionate Love Life


Goodbye Lazy Lover

Session 1: Goodbye Lazy Lover

You don’t have to feel like a second priority in the relationship. Don’t let the day-to-day business and stress pull you apart. Reignite the passion and rediscover the excitement you once had.


Change Starts With You

Session 2: Change Starts With You

Childhood experiences and hidden emotional pain and trauma shape your beliefs, values, and relationships. Learn how to uncover your personal issues and manage them for a happier relationship.


Communication & Conflict

Session 3: Communication & Conflict

Good communication is key to a strong relationship. By learning to communicate effectively and manage conflict, you'll deepen your understanding of each other, grow together, and tackle challenges.


Keeping The Spark Alive

Session 4: Keeping The Spark Alive

Don't let unresolved issues pile up and hurt your relationship. Rebuild trust through honesty and openness, and rekindle your connection free of regret and pain.


Play With Me

Session 5: Play With Me

A strong friendship is the foundation of a successful relationship. Nurture it with playfulness and small gestures for increased intimacy, support, and trust. Bring back the fun in the relationship while also reigniting friendship.


Make Love Daily

Session 6: Make Love Daily

Couples need to show love and affection towards each other often. Through physical touch, kind gestures, or meaningful conversations, expressing love daily fills the emotional love bank and strengthens the bond.


The Gift of Sex

Session 7: The Gift of Sex

Sex connects body, mind, and spirit, creating intimacy and bonding. It strengthens the emotional and physical connection, leading to a richer and deeper relationship.


Sex On Fire

Session 8: Sex On Fire

Strong emotional connection leads to better sex. Understanding each other's differences and building a strong foundation outside the bedroom will lead to satisfying sex.


 Boundaries That Protect

Session 9:  Boundaries That Protect

Today's culture portrays love as passion and lust for personal gratification, leading to low trust and high expectations in relationships. Wrong management of desire can damage a relationship, but effective management of it liberates.


A Love Worth Fighting For

Session 10: A Love Worth Fighting For

Embrace dreams and let go of past disappointments to build a future in your relationship. Life is too short to settle for a mediocre connection. Choose to make each moment together worthwhile.

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52 Fun Date Nights

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Date night ideas to keep your relationship fresh and fun all year long.


30 Days To Love Challenge​​

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Keep the passion going long after the course is completed with our 30 day love challenge - it can be done as a couple or solo.

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Lack Of Passion And Connection Can Lead To Frustration And Unhappiness. Don’t Let It Happen. 

Kind Words

“Knowing Rick & Fi and following their example and doing all their programs and seminars has been the best thing we have ever done for our marriage.

Their lifestyle and their material not only gave us hope, but also some really good practical tools to help us know and love each other more deeply.

They helped bring life to our marriage and also our parenting. EVERYONE needs to get on board with whatever Rick & Fi are doing. Their life and material is life changing.”


Hi, I’m Fiona.

Fiona Leeworthy

You Once Dreamt Of A Happy And Loving Relationship. It’s Time To Make It Come True. 

Nicholas & Sarah's Story

Nicholas and Sarah were married for 9 years. They loved each other, but they had grown very distant over the years. 

Sarah noticed Nicholas talking with other women, and began feeling insecure in the relationship. They argued more frequently, and their resentment grew. They didn't want their relationship to end, but their passion for each other wasn’t there anymore.

They took on the Bringing Sexy Back course. As the weeks went on, they watched the spark in their relationship return. They felt closer than they had for years and changes in the relationship followed. They still apply the skills they learnt to ensure that their relationship will continue to grow and never get back to that place again.

Bringing Sexy Back provides you with all the tools you need to transform a passionless relationship into a healthy one.

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